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Simpsons episode Homer vs New York
Cartoon version of WTC from street.
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When:First seen about 4 minutes in, in skyline shot. Seen again when Homer finds his car about 8 minutes into the show until the last five minutes or so.
Shot Types:Exterior

Homer's car has been left in New York City by his friend Barney after an alcohol fueled binge. It's up to Homer and his family to take a bus to New York so that Homer can retrieve his vehicle, which is parked in front of the towers. Homer then spends his entire day waiting for a parking attendent to remove the boot placed on his tire.


Cartoon WTC from Plaza
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Description:Shot of the World Trade Center from the plaza looking up.
Submitted:Anonymous - July 2nd, 2004

Cartoon New York Skyline
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Description:Shot of the New York skyline from the Statue of Liberty.
Submitted:Anonymous - July 2nd, 2004

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If I remember correctly, Homer's car was parked illegally between the Twin Towers. He had to wait for a New York Cop to release his car, so he had to stand waiting beside it, but he suddenly had to pee. He ran into one of the Twin Towers only to find out that a) the only bathroom he could use was all the way at the top and b) the elevator wasn't working. So he ran up the stairs all the way to the top of the first tower, only to find that the bathroom was out of order. He then had to run back down the stairs, then outside and over to the second tower, then all the way up the stairs again to the top of the second tower, and to his great relief the bathroom was working this time. :)
AL-B - July 16th, 2004

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