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Below you will find a list of locations around the world, that no longer exist for one reason or another. They do however live on in movies, in either brief background shots, or the locations for a movie to unfold.
  United States of America
Boston Garden right before it's tear down
Image from the Boston Garden page.
(0)   Manistee Town Center (aka Valley West Mall) - Glendale, Arizona
(0)   Brown Derby: Hollywood - Hollywood, California
(1)   Hollywoodland Sign - Hollywood, California
(2)   Schwabs Pharmacy - Hollywood, California
(0)   Brown Derby Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California
(3)   Sherman Oaks Galleria - Sherman Oaks, California
(2)   Wrigley Field (LA) - South Central Los Angeles, California
(0)   Seymour Manufacturing Co. - Seymour, Connecticut
(3)   Boston Garden - Boston, Massachusetts
(2)   Sands Hotel - Las Vegas, Nevada
(1)   US 1 Route Flea Market - New Brunswick, New Jersey
(0)   Luchow\'s Restaurant - New York, New York
(1)   Old Madison Square Garden - New York, New York
(10)   Penn Station Terminal - New York, New York
(181)   World Trade Center - New York, New York
(0)   Aladdin Casino - Las Vegas, NV
(0)   Dunes Casino - Las Vegas, NV
(1)   Landmark Casino - Las Vegas, NV
(1)   Central High School - Columbus, OH
(0)   Cleveland Municipal Stadium - Cleveland, Ohio
(1)   JFK Stadium - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(1)   Houses from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Round Rock, Texas

  United Kingdom
Wembley Stadium Aerial
Image from the Wembley Stadium page.
(3)   Wembley Stadium - London
(1)   Baltic Exchange - London

  Scotland, UK
Volcano Nightclub
Image from the Volcano Nightclub page.
(1)   Volcano Nightclub - Glasgow

(0)   Thornhill Square Shopping Center - Thornhill Subburb of Toronto

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